Welcome to the page about sports related injuries.

The top 10 sports related injuries are muscle pulls, neck strains, frozen shoulder, lower back, tennis elbow, runners knee, shin splints, sprained ankles, Achilles tendon, and foot arch. I think the worst of the injuries is the sprained ankle because it would be hard to walk and do other physical activities. If you don't have any support on your ankles when you play any psychical activities your chances for survival without any injuries are not so well because you have a good chance of getting hurt really bad. Lower back injuries are also really bad too because it hurts to walk and to do other stuff like sit, walk, run, stand and more. Every time I get a lower back injury, I have to ice it because it hurts that bad. Runners knee is also really bad because your knee could get really messed up, and you could suffer from that pain for a few months.(439)
One of the worst injuries that could happen to anyone that plays any psychical activities because you cant just walk it off. That would probably take like 2 or 3 surgeries to fix that. Even if you have surguries to try to fix, you would still be permently scared. A broken bone will stay with you your whole life because once you brake a bone, it will leave a lasting impression.

One of the worst sports injuries you could suffer from drurring any psychical sports event . Even if your just messing around with a friend, if they hit you in the throat it could kill you because it could cause the air flow to your brain and your mouth so you cant breathe. In this picture, he was cut in the throat by a hockey skate. If you lose that much blood, you have a good chance of dieing because you need all the blood in you body to stay alive.

A broken foot or a broken leg. those are some of the worst injuries you could suffer during any sport because you need your feet and you need you legs to walk and do anything psychical activity. Even if you don't play any psychical activity, its still one of the worst injuries you could suffer during anything.

If you ever get hit in the groin area, you would probably go down to the ground pretty fast because that area of your body is really sensitive. The groin area is one of the spots on your body that you have to protect because it will hurt you really bad and you would be down for a good 5 minutes because it hurts that bad.

A dislocated elbow, its not broken but its popped out of place. Its hurts really bad for the first half hour but the pain will go away because you could pop your elbow back in place. I've done it before and it hurts but it was only for like an hour after it happened. It would be numb after it happens because its a spur of the moment injure but you would be able to walk it off. You might not be able to use your arm cause it would be numb but you would be ok.